I love it and it’s almost indescribable. That moment on a run when you realise it has just all clicked together, your movement is completely instinctive and requires no thought at all, the landscape just seems to glide past, you feel like you could just forever.

It’s been a long time since I hit that groove, but tonight after work when I started out I could feel it all clicking. The music in my ears helping me find that rhythm, none of the usual pain from the knee I destroyed all those years ago and a big goofy smile on my face (at least that’s how it felt, in reality I probably just looked sweaty and red). My only problem was having to stop myself after just shy of 5 miles, I could have done more but having had shin splints before from over doing the training at the outset I wasn’t about to make that mistake again.

If only all runs could be like that.

So when I got home I decided I should reward myself and boy did I. I went ahead and booked my August holiday. Not only will I be going on an adventure in Spain, a country I have not yet visited, but I will be doing so with someone that I am greatly looking forward to meeting. If that wasn’t enough when I leave Spain I will be flying to see one of my little sisters in England for a few days before heading home.

As Wednesdays go I’d say this has be pretty damn AWESOME (just hope I can still walk tomorrow)