As I type it has just turned mid-night and the weekend is well and truly dead, in fact I will be up for work in about 6 hours. But I don’t care, I loved all of it and me and my last glass of whisky will enjoy telling anyone willing to read this all about it.


The thing I missed most about having my own place was having all my friends round for days like this. The last day of a six nations is always special. But when you have the retirement of a legend and the potential for that legend to win the trophy in his last game it makes it all the more memorable. So it required a feast. (vegetarians look away now)


You start off with 2 pigs bellies full of ribs

ribs in marinaid


You spend more time than you are willing to admit preparing the ribs and the sauce in order to marinade over night.



Then after 2 hours of cooking you end up with a feast befitting the occasion.

This weekend I watched 3 games of rugby with some friends I have known for years. There were almost tears at Scotland’s self destruction, heart attacks when Ireland conspired to throw it away in the last minutes and sigh’s of relief when the man who has become a legend lifted the trophy for only the second time at the age of 35. All through this I was reminded that time moves on. A very special guest graced my humble little flat, she turns 1 tomorrow and is the newest member of this group I am proud to call my family. I will happily admit that I spent more time playing with her and catching up with her dad, whom I see far too seldom, than paying attention to the games going on.

And Sunday. Well you would think that would be recovery and maybe a little less eventful. NO CHANCE

Today I watched as Liverpool demolished Manchester United in their own back yard. I almost lost my voice and was laughed at so many times by my little sister that I stopped counting. You see when it comes to Liverpool games I have no way of keeping emotions in check and I LOVE it!!!!

As If that wasn’t enough an emailed itinerary for an adventure soon to come was received. Honestly I can’t remember the last time I was this excited and nervous in equal measure. The trip promises to be immense and a story I am bound to tell for years. August can’t come soon enough!

OK so I think sleep is the next and last step for this weekend. Just a shame as I am not ready for it to end.

P.s. Anyone that knows me knows I love the counting crows. For some reason whenever I go on holiday this song plays when on shuffle as I head to the airport. It has just a little more irony this time…….