This isn’t a post, you may think because you are reading this that it is a post but it’s not. It’s a pre-post post.


I miss photo’s, not the digital ones we can easily take on pretty much everything we carry on a daily basis these days . But actual photo’s, ones you can hold and keep in an album.

I am having a gathering of friends at mine tomorrow for the last day of the 6 nations. I Have spent the last few hours preparing the ribs and chicken wings (it’s a serious amount of food people) and cleaning my flat. While I was cleaning I found 2 unused cameras. The disposable type use use up without seeing the out come and take to get developed. So tomorrow these will both bbe getting used in full by everyone that comes round (will take some digital ones too for on here). I like the idea that I will have an album I can actually hold after it. Don’t get me wrong I love technology and think some of the things it enables us to do are amazing! But just occasionally the old ways are the best.

Have a good weekend people