Today I had a moment, a split second where instead of just dismissing something I asked why not?


Without fully realising it, for a while now I have been asking “what if?” before making any kind of decision. That simply is not me, I pride myself on living in the moment and going with the flow, if that meant finding myself in a different city or country then great it was just something new to discover. I seem to have assuaged myself with still making small decisions lightly but leaving the rest to determined forethought.


How did I come to realise this? I was asked a question, it may just have been in jest or because the idea rather than the reality sounded like fun. But regardless it got me thinking and anyone that knows me will tell you that is  a dangerous thing. While at first I laughed and casually pushed the idea aside, not because I didn’t like it but more because I couldn’t see it happening, after a little thought I failed to see any reason why it shouldn’t. In fact I started to remember what the cusp of an adventure felt like.  Those times when it was a simple case of “yeah sounds like fun how’s it gonna work?”


People let themselves be prevented from doing things for many reasons, the only reason I had was fear of the unknown and to me that is no reason at all! Fear should only ever be the tingling you have before the memory you create.


I smiled as I remembered how much fun it could be to just say yes. So I figure that is exactly what I should do.