So far this year my mantra seems to have been “I’ll start next week”. Mean while the waist line has expanded, the wallet gotten thinner and the liver begun to complain just ever so slightly. Don’t get me wrong this is in no way a complaint! I have had a cracking  time drinking too much, staying out wayyyyy t0o late on school nights and generally eating whatever the hell I pleased. But, as the title would suggest, this all has to end on Monday!

You see I have once again acted without thinking and signed myself up for tough mudder, if you’ve never heard of it take a look My thinking was simple, I needed a new challenge! The problem being if I have done something already I find it hard to get motivated to do it again. So a normal half marathon or marathon was out and this seemed perfect (ok even typing that it sounds stupid). Still what’s done is done and now the hard work has to be done.

What that means is I have just 12 weeks to drop the gut (old friend you will be missed), increase the distance I can run from  3 miles to 13 and somehow figure out how to train for things like running through a field of electrical wires , jumping through a wall of fire and swimming under a cage with only a inch of breathing space. Any ideas people?

Now to the plan, the diet has to change and radically! Out go the kebab’s, Chinese takeaways and burgers. In come the fresh well everything. No more drinking (at least during the week) and definitely no more white Russian experimentation nights (that was fun!). Perhaps most importantly the running trainers are going to take a beating 3 days a week minimum and the distance is going to increase by a mile a week until race day (14th June). At least it’s all for a good cause! (if I die avenge me!)

Wish me luck I am gonna need it