A shudder and shift floor cracked wide open

Solid ground gives way to broken ice

Cold water below drawing breath from lungs

But no panic rises no need to fight

Sinking deeper the surface now gone

Submerged in darkness a stilling calm

A choice presented lacking gravity

In either case there will yet be harm

Waiting an eternity encased in seconds

A life flashes and the decision is clear

The surface will be found and clean air drawn

A simple submission is never that near

Weights of protection now cast aside

A clear vision their symbol stark

Left to float in that eternal blackness

Pangs of sorrow from now lifted heart

Bursting from the depths emerging at the surface

Clawing for grip on impossible ice

A figure can been seen rushing to aid

Another in the distance only watching your plight

A scream you hear recognised as your own

Begging stay clear so as not to share fate

Purchase is found muscles tear in defiance

Until dragged from the water your body a dead weight

The 2 figures remain as if unmoved

At the side of her child a mother in tears

The other watching on no longer involved

 Turns on her heals her back to shared years