Again not Friday but fuck it I thought of this subject and couldn’t wait the required 6 hours to write it……….. sue me!


These are the things I used to love doing when I was a kid and for some reason now that I am an adult get weird looks for doing. Have to admit that I still do some of them just not as often as I’d like.


1 . Climb trees

I am a monkey always have been always will be. I was forever up trees when I was a kid. Not just trees either but the roof tops too. It used to drive my mum mental, she was forever telling one day I would fall and break my neck (never happened mum). It’s just such great fun being so high (without smoking anything) nothing to stop you from falling and where ever you are there normally aint many people around either!!


2 . Build cushion forts

Loved this one. Turning the living room into your own personal fort. using all the cushions, chairs, sofas, blankets and just anything you can find to create a build of your own in the middle of the living room. Some of the most comfy places I have ever been have been forts in my living room.


3 . Ordering a coke float with a meal

If you say you don’t like coke floats I think you are lying and if you have never had one then you have never lived. Though am not sure how well it would go down on a date “yes we’ll have a bottle of the Chilean Sauvignon Blanc and a coke float for me”……….


4 . Chap and run (thanks Ish almost forgot this one)

The best of childhood games. Find the grumpiest neighbor you can then knock on their door and run away. Simple in it’ elegance and oh so much fun. But try explaining that one to the police at the age of 31!!!!!


5 . Trick or Treat (guising)

This is an obvious one………… Who in their right mind doesn’t like being given lots of free sweets and sometimes money. AWESOME.



Well folks those are mine and there were a lot that didn’t make the cut. How bout you? what does the kid in you miss….