A vision engraved forever where I smile
Gliding through an open door
Came to rest just inches from my heart
The greeting a second the effect much more

Paused by a smile so light and free
All noise just fell away
Left helpless in those deep brown eyes
An eternity I could have stayed

Around us the world yet continued
Containing us but not quite
Involving us with all they did
But this was always our night

The sun a memory the moon our light
Souls bared without reserve
Drifting for miles in the pleasure we found
Never enough time for what we deserved

The sweet surrender of night to dawn
Left only memories of bliss
If I could write a perfect night
My pen would surely scribe this



I don’t often write anything to go with my poems and for the life of me I don’t know why I am now (but hey I rarely understand the stuff I do), for some reason I just felt like it today. I was at work and the story of this night came up, just reminiscing about the past. It never fails to bring a smile to my face. I am lucky enough to have a few pictures taken not long after the girl in the poem walked into the club and was looking through them when I got in, guess I never really tried to put into words what that night meant. The girl in question is still a very close friend (though 1600 miles away) and meeting her is one of the best things about my time in Malta. I am now aware I am rambling (I have a tendency to do that)…………….