A  self respective look at the man I now see
Loud and brash yet afraid to be free
Faced with a friend he will turn and run
rather than let loose and allow some fun
An exile not forced but chosen as right
Is his place of refuge no one can fight
The pain of years past will cloud those to come
With a shadow so long he can’t hope to out run
Not how he saw his life unfold
Yet this is how his story is bound to be told
A simple tale of pain and regret
Of choices he made that he would never forget
People now gone who would still be there
If only his life he had chosen to share
But his words gave pause and he found peace
A way in which to make the bad voices cease
A lingering doubt will always remain
But ignoring this is what kept him sane
Eyes wide open no cloud in sight
A soul though shaken still has fight