Dear Readers,


It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that I must impart the following message, today may very well be my last ever post. After 6 months the journey could be over! As by this time Friday I might be dead.

OK so that’s possibly bollox, I have no fatal disease, no intention to throw myself off a bridge (not until I own a jet pack anyway) and I have no premonition that the world is about to explode. I am however doing one of those stupid things I sometimes get into my head are a good idea. Oddly whenever I have these ideas I conveniently forget the pain the previous “good idea” caused.

It’s a good news bad news thing tonight. The good news (not to be confused with the good idea) is that I only have Friday to work and then I am off for a whole 9 days (shame that in there I will celebrate the 10th anniversary of my 21st). The bad news (yes this is the good idea) is that for the next 2 days I will still be at work. But instead of my normal day job I will be in the foyer along with 4 other colleagues sitting on a spinning bike and cycling 100 miles each a day for charity.

So why is this going to kill me I hear you ask. Simple really! Have you ever done a spinning class? (I haven’t, never intend to either) If you have then you will know that those bikes are not built for comfort! They in fact are instruments of extreme torture and that’s when they’re used as designed over a normal class of 45mins. In the next 2 days I will spend 6 hours a day on one of these contraptions. 2 years ago we did a similar challenge, I did only one day and not word of a lie I walked like John Wayne for the next few days! I think that after 2 full days of that it’s gonna feel like I was in jail for 15 years sharing a cell with a dude named Buba.

Well that’s it, hopefully we will meet again. If not I will leave you with these words…….