A small gathering lost in teenage rebellion

No parents around to quiet the noise

The eldest parties a rare moment of freedom

The youngest now sits apart by choice


Too 11-year-old ears a familiar sound

Draws him away from the gathered throng

To sit on the stairs hidden from view

An attempt to protect his family home


Outside the tormentors as always never far

Crowd in their masses awaiting the call

To advance on the target and begin their assault

Ever aware that the building won’t fall


Glass now thick through hash learned lessons

Stands the attack and refuses to break

Hammer blows fall and cracks begin to show

But still it withstands the outpouring of hate


As the hits rain down he shivers in the cold

Unable to move for fear of being seen

Stagnant in terror a statue on the stair

Praying for the chance to wake from this dream


But the nightmare is real and there is no escape

Even the blue lights bring only temporary relief

As soon as they go the onslaught resumes

Never ceasing to consider the inside grief