The Friday top five


Top 5 songs that remind me of people.


I don’t know about you but there are songs that when they come on just make me think of someone. Their face appears in front of my eyes and stays there as I sing my heart out. See it doesn’t really matter where I am I will sing out loud just because I enjoy it (can’t speak for those around me). Be it in a pub, at work, watching a film with friends (not in the cinema though that would be rude) or just walking home listening to my ipod. Especially when walking home, I really enjoy the looks of surprise when I walk past singing and smiling, completely oblivious to the fact that people think I am crazy……


The Promise by Tracy Chapman

If you have not heard this song find it on you tube right the hell now! It is perhaps the most beautiful thing I have ever heard. It is now forever linked in my head to my first love and always will be.


Don’t stop me now by Queen

If you have never heard this song then I think you maybe a monk living in the remotest part of the Amazon (hey there might be monks there). This one is one of my little sisters. Apart from being for want of a better term our song, it just sums her up really. There is nothing on this planet that could stop her when she gets going, it’s an amazing thing to behold.


Stay with me by the Goo Goo Dolls

Another little sister song. There is a lyric “the walls will fall before we do” and I can’t think of anything that sums up our relationship better than that. A little sister is not just for Christmas she is for life!


Valerie By the Reel Big Fish

This song originally reminded me of an Ex (see the poem Red) as for a long while I was childish enough to put it on the jukebox where she worked whenever she was behind the bar (after we had split obviously). Now it’s more generic for all ex’s (though to be fair more humorous than serious) I just think the song is genius and quite possibly the ultimate break up song, makes me laugh every time.


Bad Habit by The Offspring

Yes ladies and gents when I was young I was a punk (by all definitions of the word) coloured hair (red, green, blue and purple to name but a few) attitude (still got that) chains (thankfully don’t have them any more) etc etc. Back then (and still now) The Offspring were one of my favourite bands saw them live ages ago (not saying how long) and they were immense! This one will always remind me of my big sister (this one is the one actually related to me). Reason being she is mental plain and simple, I could fill pages just on her exploits of fearless nutterisum, stand against this lass and it doesn’t matter who you are you will lose and trust me when I say there is no exaggeration in that!


Well that’s my top 5 today, hope you enjoyed it. What songs remind you of people?