If you could only pick 5 people alive or dead for a dinner party who would they be? I always find this one a strange one simply because while I may want to have dinner with them, there is no guarantee they would want to have dinner with me or for that matter my other guests. Still it’s my party and they can just do what they are told.


In no specific order…….



Nelson Mandela


A truly great man. He can look back on his life and without fear of contradiction say that he made a difference. Not just to his life or those in South Africa but in the wider sense the world as a whole. I would recommend the long walk to freedom to anyone, a book and life that cannot fail to inspire.


Billy Connelly


The joker in the pack. But far more than that. Here is a man whoย for decades has made people laugh for a living, though he also turns his hand to acting (Mrs Brown being the most notable) and to music (he started his carer in a band called the humblebums). A man who has come through some horrendous times in his life and still smiles.


John Fulton (my grandfather)


On my mother’s side, he was a minister all his life and by all accounts a good man. He passed away over a decade ago now and I still regret that I did not know him very well. My mother’s family live in Ireland and when I was growing up we didn’t see a lot of them. I am told I am the spitting image of him not just by family members but by older members of his congregation who knew him all those years ago, Some of them look at me like a risen ghost before catching themselves.


Jose Mourinho


As a Liverpool fan its hard to admit this one! That being said I just want to know if away from the cameras and the pantomime he creates if he is still the same arrogant larger than life character.


Julius Cesar


I love Roman history and in particular anything about Cesar. The ability to control 1 country is worthy of respect, to control half the globe is nothing short of staggering. From his skill as a general to his political career and above all the will it must have taken to accomplish what he did makes him a mountain of a man. By no means an angel and there are many things he did that I do not agree with but I think that’s the fun of conversation and debate. ย 



That would be my five. I can think of others that would make a good case for an invitation but I can help but think that is a combination that would ensure a conversation and dinner to remember.


Who would you invite?