I don’t want to talk of a time that’s past

Listen to a voice no longer near

Sing the song of a tune that’s been lost

Spend my time anywhere but here

I have walked in footsteps and paths well worn

Travelled many roads on a journey to now

Conquered the demons I have been shown

Achieved some things of which I am proud

In my past you will find both joy and sorrow

Guilt due to actions I wish I could change

Pleasure in the heart I still choose to follow

Memories of pain that will each day fade

Lessons learned now guide not control

Experience has taught but can still be ignored

Memories I cherish of the times I have known

I Keep with me now and forever more

Look for me there though my shadow is cast

And what you find will be part not a hole

Of who I am now and have become at last

The chapters of a story that make up my soul