Anyone who has seen High Fidelity will know the general idea (not that it’s a hard concept to grasp).

In the film it’s generally an obscure music top 5 (no imagination). When we (me and some mates) do it though it can be anything. Top 5 films, top 5 insults, top 5 retro sweets from when you were a kid, top 5 gravestone epitaphs, top 5 well you get the idea…. 

Not sure I will do this every week but who knows.

Anyway todays top 5 is film quotes. I love films and as addictions go buying DVD’s is one of my worst. I still believe that the more lines you can quote having seen a film is a good indicator of how good it was (I am not a geek at all hmmmm).  

In no specific order



So many quotes to choose from in this film I could easily make a top 5 from it alone. But one that always makes me smile is

“The frost, it sometimes makes the blade stick”

I think just because it’s delivered with such poise and if you are about to be killed you want to be able to say something that cool before you eventually win through


The Hustler

I loved Paul Newman in this film he made the character his own as much as anyone in any film I have ever seen. That coupled with my love of pool and hustling makes this one a no brainer.

“I’m the best you ever seen, Fats. I’m the best there is. And even if you beat me, I’m still the best.”

That kind of confidence is something you just can’t teach, it’s not even arrogance. It’s just knowing you are better than whoever stands in front of you.


Law Abiding Citizen

This one is short but sweet.

“It’s gonna be biblical.”

I think I love this one as every man would like to think that in the same situation the would move heaven and earth for justice.


Kevin smith is a genius, his films are amazing (ok so most of them are) and this quote from Loki is a classic.

“Find some man, find some woman, that you can connect with . . . even for a moment, ’cause that’s really all that life is, Sister. It’s a series of moments.”

It’s just true, some moments are better than others but moments none the less.



2 Gods of film in 1 movie, Al and Bob (yeah I know them that well we are on a first name basis) and the best heist film ever made (in my humble opinion)

“I’m alone, I am not lonely.”

A simple truth, you can be alone without ever being lonely. Delivered as always sublimely!


So there you have it, my Friday top 5 film quotes. What’s you favorite film quote?


Have a good weekend folks……..