Blogging is a strange thing.

I have been doing it now for about 5 months and am really beginning to love it. Not only is it a great way to get my thoughts out by writing but in most cases them actually being read. That never used to happen (mostly because I just never let anyone read any of it). But more than that I have learnt new things from reading others posts, interacted with people on a genuine (if removed) way, and found like-minded people in countries I haven’t even been too. It’s become part of my routine. I check my blog through the day to see if anything has been “liked” or commented on, find out who has been doing what on the blogs I follow and when I have time check out freshly pressed for something new that grabs my attention. I find myself writing more now than I ever did before and trying (not always successfully) to vary the way I write. Before writing was just a way to make sense of things and stop me going mental (more mental). Now if I see something anything that strikes a note I write about it and up it goes on here.

The only problem I have, in the writing sense, is that I now haven’t written in my book for months. I do all of my writing on a computer and seem never to have the time to copy them down in pen. As cool and easy as it is to read through what I have posted on here, there is nothing quite like flipping the page of a book. a book also doesn’t need saved in-case you accidentally delete something (yep like last night, what a dumbass).  Guess I am either gonna have to make the time to write in the book or just stop writing on a computer (wow if only all problems were that easily solved)

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Happy Tuesday