Right as you may have realized by now I am (at times) the sentimental type. So when the weekly photo challenge was to present a picture that to me represented a kiss I had a few options already in mind. All pretty generic scenes of me with a loved one or an ex. Was even tempted to use one of a butterfly as a butterfly kiss was used to wake me up for about a year and it always started the day off right (if you don’t know what a butterfly kiss is don’t worry is completely innocent).


But no there will be no sentimentality this time round. I have no idea why I have decided that this is a good idea, I blame having only 2 hours sleep and an outrageous hangover, but my choice today (fitting as its how I felt on my way to work this morning) is the kiss of death. This is not for the faint of heart and I warn you now that once seen you will never be able to erase the image!