Life has a funny way of making you smile sometimes…….


For the last few days I have been reading a lot of posts about Valentines Day both from the loved up and the singletons out there. It’s one of those days that everyone has an opinion on. For the record I aint a fan, doesn’t matter if I am with someone or single I just think that if you need to be told when to be romantic then there is a problem right there (nothing at all to do with me not liking being told what to do). It’s also a big subject at work, what people’s plans are, if they are going away, if they are surprising their other halfs etc. So one way or another its pretty inescapable.


Now as irony would have it I have the day off tomorrow and was just thinking about what to do and in all honestly how to avoid the sight of countless loved up couples. Don’t get me wrong I am by no means sad or really even that bothered by the day itself but hey why surround yourself with that when you don’t have too. So while reading the following post (323 ~ You told me think about it, well I did.) and agreeing completely with what it said, I started to think of the things I have that tomorrow will make me smile (don’t worry I am not about to make a list). While this was going on, as fate would have it, I was speaking to the partner of my childhood best friend on facebook (sometimes it is just the best thing in the world) and completely randomly she mentioned that their eldest child was given the middle name Andrew after me. Now I am never speechless but I was completely blown away, it was new information to me. I rarely see my friend and it has in truth been years since we last caught up , so to hear that really took my breath away. So when I wake up tomorrow that will be the reason I smile……..


What will make you smile tomorrow?