Guidelines for accepting this award:

1. Create a post and reveal 7 things about yourself.

2. Post the blog award on your site, indicate who nominated you.

3. Present the award to up to 15 bloggers that inspire you and include links to their blogs in your post.


Being relatively new to this blog malarkey this is the first time I have actually done one of these award posts (think I got give one once before but had no idea what it was, oh the innocence). Not sure I will make a habit of it but it seemed like a bit of fun and the person that nominated me writes some truly amazing stuff so I was touched by the nomination. Honesty if you haven’t found her blog yet Fairytale Epidemic stop reading this and go check it out NOW!

So in the spirit of the award I must now share 7 things about myself, oh the joys bet you can’t wait. Now should I number these or trust you can count to 7 hmmm……..

I hate olives, I mean really hate them. Non of this I don’t like them! I actually hate them! To me they are the devils food.

I always said I would run a marathon before I turned 30 and am proud to say I did this in Dublin in 2011 (despite a 15min stoppage in the back of an ambulance)

I have 3 lil sisters, non of whom are related to me by blood, and having them in my life is a gift that I really don’t know what I did to deserve but I am thankful for it everyday.

My leather jacket is my most treasured possession. I have owned it for over 15 years, had it repaired more times than I care to remember and spent more than a grand doing so. It’s just a part of me.

I have supported Liverpool FC for as long as I can remember and always will.

I once lived and worked in Malta for 6 months (a secondment). It was a brilliant experience (although crazy at times) and I still go back there as often as I can.

Of all the things people have said about me through the years I still like my high school economics teacher’s (Mr MacFarlane)   description best. ” Andy you are indeed an angel, the only problem is that your halo is balanced on horns”

So there we have it 7 things about me, I tried to be varied.

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