I find myself on the horns of a dilemma, not normally one to back down, concede, admit failure or be passive and accept what I know to be wrong, I am now in a situation in which my only options are to fight and possibly lose even if I win or accept the (in my eyes) incorrect judgement of others and lose anyway.


To give that some background. I have recently been given my annual rating at work (everyone’s favorite subject) and feel that the rating is unjustified and inconsistent. Unjustified as my direct manager simply could not provide specific reasons for the grade that stood up to any scrutiny and inconsistent due to the fact that others in the work place whom performed statistically worse have received higher ratings. Now it would be a lie to say that my relationship with the management of my work is a happy one, I know that they have less than ideal opinions of me personally and I know why. As stated above I am not normally shy to speak up when I  think something is wrong and I will never concede a point simply because it is being made by someone of higher standing in the organisation. But while an annoyance for management (having been in their shoe’s I know its a royal pain in the arse) I don’t feel that these are good reasons to reprimand someone.


To put this rating in context it has some fairly severe implications. It means no bonus for the last 6 months of last year, no annual pay-rise and when applying for promotion most likely being passed over even for an interview due to my “failings” in my present role. More than that though and for me most important it is kind of insulting to be told that what you achieved in the last 12 months was just not good enough, especially when through the year the words you were hearing were in direct contrast. In case you are wondering if this is the disgruntled complaint of a lazy worker (hell I would be) let me just say that I have worked for this company for 9 years and in that time have only been given a rating of this nature once before and that was from the same management. In my other 16 reviews (half yearly) I was graded at very least a “strong performer” (gotta love the cheese).


Anyway I am getting bogged down in details (surprise surprise). Having made an appeal to the manager of my manager (not my biggest fan) and been advised that the grade will stand I have but 2 options. 1 – make my appeal formal, put it in writing gather evidence etc and have the appeal heard in a recorded meeting with someone impartial and senior to the manager of my office. 2 – accept the rating and all that comes with it, move on and hope that personal feelings don’t again fuck me over (pardon my French) at this time next year. Each has their pitfalls and to be honest it’s kind of a no win really. If I fight and win, then I have shown up the management of my office as incompetent (cough cough) and will no doubt be subjected to the backlash of their bruised egos. If I concede, apart from the previously mentioned financial and work related implications, I would have shown myself to be weak in their eyes and to be honest will lose a little respect for myself as if something is wrong surely you fight it.


Well that’s that, I hoped that by writing it all down I would find my answer as that has helped in the past. However not this time, too much to consider to make a snap decision (wonder if that means I am growing up at last). I know this is far from the norm when considering my normal posts and hope that if you got all the way through you aren’t as bored as I imagine you probably are.


Have a good day people.