Folks I apologize I am about to act like a kid (no real surprise)

Just got an email to say that the Counting Crows will be playing their first UK gigs in probably 4 years. I simply cannot wait. They have been one of my favorite bands since I was maybe 15/16, I was lucky enough to see them in Newcastle in 2002 on the last date of their tour and they were AMAZING. It’s funny only 2 hours before I got the email I was complaining that I hadn’t seen a good gig in ages and maybe 2 weeks ago moaned that the crows hadn’t come to the UK in years. Having seen a lot of the bands I loved growing up live, the likes of Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Foo Fighters, The Fun lovin criminals, Jamiroquai and Therapy etc etc I can honestly say that the crows stand up with the best of them and live they are if anything better than on their albums! I don’t as a general rule get excited by a lot of things but this is definitely an exception. Why is it not April yet?????????????????????????

Thinking back to some of the gigs I have seen I can’t help but smile. Not just because of the music (which was mostly amazing) but also the whole experience. From one-off gigs like the crows in Newcastle travelling down on the train with the then girlfriend, we then met up with what seemed like her whole family (2 brothers, father and soon to be sister-in-law). Slept the night at her brother’s place in Durham and kipped on the wooden floor with only my jacket for warmth, having walked back from Newcastle to Durham in the snow and spending most of the walk talking to the GF’s dad. Outstanding song from that gig undoubtedly “big yellow taxi” still the best covers I have ever heard of a classic. Then there was Leeds in 1999 (ok so it was 3 years before but in this story it comes after). I went there with a group of friends and my sister (none of whom I really see or speak to anymore) but the group mentality and how happy everyone was is something I will never forget. On top of that the line up was immense. Outstanding song (and still the greatest song I have seen live) “under the bridge” by the chili’s, never seen a reaction like that to a few chords on a guitar. Most recently Hyde park calling and a great day spent relaxing in the sun with one of my little sisters and the big man, nothing better to do than lay in the sun, drink beer and enjoy the day. Outstanding song (hard to pick) but probably “space cowboy” by Jamiroquai, but a close second was “signed, sealed, delivered” by Stevie Wonder.

Remembering all those times has got me smiling from ear to ear. Great times, great people, great music and now great memories.