OK so that was a lie, sorry I know you were looking forward to the description of blood and guts dripping from the walls, I only hope you can forgive me.


I do however need help! I am feeling decidedly lazy, not only did I skip the gym tonight, this morning, last night and in fact since last week but tonight’s dinner (regardless of a full fridge) was a chippy, a few bags of crisps and some chocolate (ummmmmmm Tunnock’s tea cakes) . Anyway this laziness has started to take over other elements of my life and here is where you come in. I seem to be in the mood to read tonight and having finished my book thought I would see what I could find on here.  Now normally that would mean a journey of discovery through the world of the freshly pressed and/or just searching some random words to see what came up. unfortunately, due to the afore-mentioned laziness, I seem unable to do even that. I am seeing titles or headlines and just skimming on without stopping to read. So if you have the time, the inclination or are just a kindly soul willing to take pity on the lazy I would welcome your suggestions???? Tell me what you favorite blog is, tell me about a blog you think I might like having read some of what I put up, shamelessly self promote your own blog and let me know how great you undoubtedly are. For my part I promise I will take a look at any and all suggestions (though obviously not all at the same time) and should I receive silence ………………………………………………… I will take this as the news of a spreading apocalypse  and the end of the world as we know it, it wouldn’t be all bad at least I wouldn’t have to bother going to work tomorrow.


Thank you for your time, I shall now go back to being ATTACKED BY A BEAR