3 posts in 24 hours too much??? I just thought you might be missing me is all, I’m thoughtful like that.

Here’s the thing, I have a habit of doing things completely at random that other people find  strange weird mental slightly odd. Over the years it’s taken many forms and happened with a fair regularity. This morning was one of those occasions…….

I woke up at 5am with a banging headache, the kind that makes you wonder who parked the lorry on you head during the night. I blame it on the cold and in no way on the 3 bottles of wine consumed the previous night. Anyway I searched around for pain killers, a search that was to prove in vain (oh the humanity). So what did I do? go back to bed and sleep it off? wait a few hours until the shops opened and bought some? No and no, you see that would be far too sensible. I in my completely clear-headed and not at all still drunk frame of mind decided to climb Arthur’s Seat. For those of you unfamiliar with Arthur’s Seat it is not as the name suggests just a big chair owned by some dude named Arthur, it’s is a bloody great hill in the middle of Edinburgh maybe 2 miles from my flat. Why on earth did I do that? Don’t really know to be honest.

I shall spare you the story of the walk there in pitch black, the taking of a wrong path and the climb itself (bet you are relieved) and skip to the bit at the top. Apart from being freezing, Ice everywhere and even starting to snow it was amazing. Normally crawling with tourists it was deserted and I had it all to myself. This was great I took some pictures, looked around a bit and thought about the soon to come sunrise. While doing all this my ipod was on full blast and I was not holding back with my singing (might have danced a bit too). You can imagine my surprise then when I turned around in the middle of belting out “suck my kiss” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers to find I was no longer alone. There looking rather scarred was an Estonian photographer (I didn’t know he was Estonian till he told me btw). Now to make matters worse I didn’t even get to see the sunrise on account of it being a miserable day and no sun ever appearing.

The moral of this story is simple, doing random things is great and for the most part fun. However, if you are going to be  singing at the top of a mountain hill  think about the music you are listening too it could be important………..

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