Well folks this may mean nothing to anyone but me but as I am the one writing it then I guess my opinion holds sway at least until you tell me otherwise.

I started this blog at a friends recommendation (by friend read brother though as always in my life blood tie not required). He liked what I wrote (what he saw anyway) and convinced me the WWW might show me that more than just him like the way my mind works. He was not the only one, I am lucky enough in my life to have 3 little sisters & 3 brothers (1 estranged)  none of whom have a blood tie but in everyone an unbreakable bond. Each has seen some (some or all) of my minds wanderings, admittedly some is the nothing more than pitiful but I guess some has merit.

Now Today saw my 50th follower confirmed after 3 months………….. I know not a huge number but it meant something to me. especially today which has in all honesty been harder than expected.

I have read a few unbelievably well written and touching posts over the last few days none more so than (and I really hope she doesn’t mind) The Things I Would Tell You – Part 1. . Seriously if you fail to be inspired by this you have to be dead inside! It has made me want to do the same, but I wont. Its just not me to do it. Most of the time you can get my mood from what I write and the posts I put up. I will be honest I don’t have the guts (or writing ability) of the attached link. What I will say is that if you are ever in doubt as to what I mean by any post just ask I will answer anything and everything.

Thank you to everyone that has liked anything I have written or followed this experiment I hope you have enjoyed the ride