Are you ready?

Are you sure??

Really positive??

Oh OK then I will tell you……………

I have a complete inability to stay quiet for any decent length of time. So the great thing about having your own blog is there is nobody to tell you to be quiet (not entirely true I guess but its yet to happen, will you be the first?).  Be warned this this is no poem (duh) and as the only thing worse than my grammar is my spelling it may well be incredibly hard to read (which is as good a reason as any not to really)

It would be a lie to say that I really have anything to say either, its just that I have not said anything for a long long time and my mouth is beginning to feel unloved. Why are you not out? it’s Friday night, you are obviously bored, I hear you ask. So bugger off out and stop wasting my time. Good idea why did I not think of that? Only issue is that it’s January, which means I am skint and in all honesty still in recovery from the copious amounts of alcohol consumed in December!!  See I am British, in fact I am about as British as they come. Born in England and raised (in a manner of speaking) since the age of 8 in Scotland by a Scottish father and Northern Irish mother. The only part of Britain not represented in me is Wales (pardon the language but thank fuck for that). All that basically means is that when December rolls around, which it seems to do with stunning regularity, my already questionably high intake of the devils own nectar increases to deadly levels. The kind of levels that make me think climbing a hill at 4am is a good idea, forgetting my own address when I am in a taxi and requiring several cups of coffee  just to function in the morning.

That’s all great I hear you scream (if you have gotten this far into this post I congratulate your resolve) but what on earth is your point? Honestly I have none, its been a bit of a long week and I just wanted to talk (type) utter bollox for a while. Now because I am a nice guy (debatable) I will leave you with this, if you have not seen a film called “the words” then you really should cracking little film and a very enjoyable story.

Have a good weekend fellow bloggers