Ahhhhh the start of a new year, Pounding head, sore liver, dodgy memory of the final hours of the night/morning and Chinese for breakfast at 8pm……. Who could ask for more.

Now, I have thought about resolutions over the last few weeks and the only real conclusion I have come up with is that they are simply not worth making. Don’t get me wrong I will do the usual attempt to eat better, drink less, go to the gym more and spend less (attempt being the highlight of that sentence). But I will not shed a tear or moan if I don’t manage them cause in the end I like eating, drinking, going out and relaxing so I am not about to stop doing any of them.

Last year taught me some things (scary I know) but the 2 most important were very simple and to be fair things I knew but never really considered. Firstly, when life wants to smack you about and see exactly what amount of shit you can take before you break there is absolutely nothing you can do about it (I know revelation). So worrying about the worst happening is time wasted that would and should be spent on better things. Secondly, take nothing for granted. Because the moment you do could very well be the moment what you take for granted is no longer there.

So in 2013 I make no resolutions. I will however make some promises. I will spend more time with my friends, I will smile more at the little things and I will do my best to laugh my head off whenever humanly possible.

What ever you resolve to do and however you resolve to it, if it is something you really want then you will find a way to make it happen.