The longest days and hardest nights
For years were fought side by side
Shattered glass the sound of dark
Splintered wood the beating heart
Daily torment for imagined crimes
Wounds left open to bolster the lines

A faltering step on unsure ground
The steadying shoulder always found
Unshakable courage a will of iron
Protector at arms the heart of a lion
Vengeful force a sight to behold
Unleashed at will the stories still told

Years from then memories live
A life of their own a mind does give
Distant nightmares from another time
No longer voiced to history confined
Battles past scars long hidden
Never forgotten not close to forgiven

Not a desertion just differing views
Once fought together now split in two
Blood though thick is still just blood
Far from the dam that holds back a flood
A sister once but perhaps no more
One last casualty from a life long war