And on day seven he rested……………….

When someone asks you how your day was? how you are? if you have had a good week? there is always a temptation to just roll out the same old tired clichés…… Same shit different day……….I’m good just a little tired…… Thank fuck it’s Friday etc etc etc Or even worse to simply not see what may have happened in the last 7 days. For example ask me what my week was like and depending on my mood I could easily answer……. It was OK, nothing special. Went to work, got to the gym a few times and managed a night out or 2.  Am just glad I can sleep in on Sunday. Now there is nothing at all untrue in that and as a summation it is fairly accurate. But come on who wants that as an answer and we all know that in the last 10080 minutes there will be at least 1 moment worth talking about. So with that in mind (and not that you asked but get ready to be told) I thought I would look back at the past week with slightly different glasses on and give you the headlines. Now before I go on I promise nay swear (hand-held over chest and everything) that I will only describe events that actually happened and while admittedly it has been a busier than normal week I think if you are honest your week wasn’t quite as humdrum as you  first thought.

Where to start, the beginning seems appropriate so off we go all the way back to last Saturday…………………………….

A family reunion of sorts, While not related by blood these guys both became family years ago. Having not seen each other in years we decided a few drinks were in order so a short (50 mile) bus trip later and we were drinking our way through some of Glasgow’s finest (really not saying much there) boozers. Now as I said before I am giving you the headlines not a blow-by-blow, that was merely to set the scene. The headline is that at some stage during the night I decided it was too warm for the jumper I was wearing and managed to con one of the guys into carrying it, go me how clever I felt. Until, I turned around to see him giving it to a very grateful homeless man. I have to admit I was far too impressed with Chris’ selflessness with my clothes to be upset and so it was that I ended up clothing the homeless in Glasgow. (day 1 people day 1)

What followed was nothing short of a 2 day hangover (oh the burden of getting old). Many times I complained that I was too old for this shit and swore that it would never happen again. Yeah right.

Now through the week I will admit that not an awful lot of note happened, Sainsbury’s kindly delivered to me a huge amount of food, I got a hair cut, hit the gym a few times and I watched a few films (try not to fall asleep people).

Moving right up to the present (well yesterday) and another night out, yes there is a theme developing. A friend’s birthday was the occasion and not just any birthday but his 30th, so it was at once a celebration of the man and his day while also mourning the passing of his 20’s (oh god why do you curse us all so). A good night was had by all and while the pub its-self was great and the company fun I have to admit that it was the walk home that I will remember most vividly. Walking my semi-winding way down Lothian Road kebab in one hand fork in the other (yep I used a fork, I am just that classy) I saw a women lying in the road. For those of you that don’t know Lothian Road, it is pretty busy with cars, buses and taxi’s so lying in that road is not a good idea at any time. Now I saw this from a fair distance away and also saw a good number of people just pass by without helping. On reaching the woman I saw she was bleeding quite heavily from a gash on her head. Long story short myself and another passer-by got her too her feet and waited for the police and ambulance to arrive. I have to admit it has made me question human nature, how can you just pass by someone in need and not try to help? If that was you mother/sister/wife would you not want someone to help them if they were in the same situation.

Now I am aware that this seems to have ended on a somewhat downbeat note so to finish I will leave you with my very last memory of last night/this morning as hazy as it is. On returning to my flat I was overjoyed to see that it was the 1st of December and as such the end of Movember and my self-imposed torture! Taking my life in my hands I gladly shaved off the tash that has been attempting to sprout on my lip for the past month (shameful though it was). Shaving while drunk is not something I would recommend to anyone but I have lived to tell the tale………………………………. just.

That’s it, that’s all she wrote (or in this case he)…….. Now put on the right glasses, look back over your week and tell me……… How was it really?