Right, before I start this I will admit that I am no fan of Christmas (queue the bah hum bugs) and haven’t been for sometime. So much so that should any of my friends be reading this they will already be thinking “I’ve heard it all before”. But I do like certain things about it, everyone being in a good mood, the food, the drink and of course the presents. So to the point (if there really ever is one) of this post. When do you know its Christmas???

Now everyone knows that shops start advertising it earlier every year and sooner rather than later there will be trees up June, but that’s not what I’m talking about. I mean the things that maybe incidental, maybe a tradition you have that happens every year, something that when you see it triggers the ITS CHRISTMAS moment (or in me the DOH ITS BACK moment), maybe the first snow if you are lucky enough to live in a country that has it.

For me Its a combination of things but the first is probably the biggest. It has me almost ashamed (thankfully I find shame boring and try to live without it)  that I have been suckered in by such a huge advertising campaign. Coca Cola’s the holiday’s are coming add’s (no prizes for guessing that), the ones with the big line of coke trucks and the catchy if somewhat annoying song. Every year at this time they start on the TV and as soon as I see the first one, from then on it really is Christmas. Not normally one to get excited about much, I will admit that when they parked one of the trucks outside my work last year I did go out and get a few photo’s (and a considerable amount of free cans too). I think it’s probably just that it reminds me of being a kid and no matter how old you are or how much you pretend otherwise everyone loves feeling like a kid again.

There are many other things that trigger the same kind of reaction (just not in the same way).  Christmas movies for one, again I don’t mean things like miracle on 34th st or Anne cause while they are no doubt Christmas movies they just don’t cut it. I mean the classics they show every year without fail that only seem to get shown at this time, Die Hard (any of them), cool runnings, back to the future or while not a film the only fools and horses Christmas special. For some reason films like those have just come to be Christmas films.

OK before this gets too long-winded and dull, I know that it maybe to late I am gonna throw it open and come back to the original question. When do you know its Christmas??