“Hey, do you wanna do Movember this year? yeah sure why not”


Oh if only I had known, if only I had taken some time to think before answering that question. Then I wouldn’t sitting here looking like a cross between a semi bald ferret and a paint brush. Don’t get me wrong doing something for charity is great and it is a worthy cause. But there is nothing else I can think of that makes so many people look like utter muppets for an entire month. As a mate of mine said when I told her I was doing this “oh crap it’s that time of year again. I hate Movember it just makes all men ugly”.


I don’t think it would be so bad if I could actually grow a tash, but no it is just not something I am capable of doing. The fact that my septum is still completely hairless after over 3 weeks is laughable and has inspired the description the reverse Hitler. But then I guess I would rather be incapable of growing a decent tash than be able to grow one and spend the rest of my life resembling Chewbacca.


So roll on mid night on the 30th of November, when I will finally be free from the embarrassment, the itch and the daily good-natured slaggings………… seriously what has the world come to when a ginger has the nerve to take the piss out of someone else’s hair!!!!!