Fear built through the miles
It all comes down to this
No more is there waiting
No longer is there doubt
Once that line is crossed
I’ll break before I stop
A rhythm finds my feet
The trail consumed in flowing stride
Doubt left in my wake
Fear slips far behind
Then a rush of blood
Joints seized by age-old rust
Glory snatched from my grasp
Despair my new companion
Body screams to quit
Mind knows it can’t go on
All those wasted hours
Faith now proved misplaced
Be still a beating drum
Let this be an end
Driven from my goal
A loser I will lie
But beat it still does
They said it always would
Louder than my thoughts
Deeper than the pain
The rust begins to crack
Legs pushed on through
Clouds burst
Spilling torrents of relief
Water flys all round
Rhythm forced back
Doubts concede defeat
Body just a tool
Heart refused to quit
The last line crossed