My earlier prognosis of impending death by hangover appears to have been hasty at best. I have in fact survived. It was touch and go there for a while and I will not lie to you at times my will to go on faltered. But I fought on and have come out the other side.

The recipe for hangover survival seems to be sleeping until midday, writing nonsense with no meaning or purpose, 2 sausage sandwiches,  1 litre of orange juice, a big bottle of cherry coke and a chinese.   This is not an exhaustive list and under no circumstances should all of the elements be consumed at the same time as this may result in several prayers to the porcelain god. As an added disclaimer if this fails to cure your next hangover I will not be held liable and will frown upon any frivolous lawsuits.


This hangover has taught me several things.


When offered homemade spirit at 1am, do not consume quickly and in large quantities (regardless of how good it tastes)

That drummers names are easily forgotten

That you can be nominated for awards on this blogging site (something called the liebster award)

That I have no idea what that award is or if being nominated means that it’s actually a competition of some description

The big bang theory is great mindless tv

That I am getting way too old for near death hangovers

And probably most important

Always always always have you fridge pre stocked with food. As apparently people will not come round and feed you regardless of your helpless pleas on facebook. In fact you will mostly just get mocked.


Now having learned all of this (not for the first time) you would think a sensible person would avoid alcohol for a while. No no no this will not do! A much better idea is to do exactly the same thing next weekend only in a different city. So what does this mean, honestly absolutely nothing, not a thing, nada, zip. It does however beg the question what drivel I will decide to write when faced with my latest close brush with death.