As I was walking home tonight I was considering what if anything to write about when I got home (yes on a Friday night this actually was what I was thinking! Working on A Saturday should be banned!), not having written anything through the day or really in the mood to write anything poetic I was just going to give tonight a miss. Then I started thinking about why I wanted to write in the first place, other than I have always enjoyed doing it, and all it really boils down to is telling a story.

I think we are all addicted to stories and to be honest its not really surprising. Most of us will have been told them from an early age. Bed time stories read by mum, dad, aunt, uncle or in my case most often my sister. They may have been read from a book, recited from memory, made up on the spot or (again) in my case enacted by willing teddies and toys. It could be tales of adventure, good versus evil, bears in the woods or witches that lived in candy houses.  Now this will have (if you were lucky like me) gone on for years. Then once you had grown out of that they were simply replaced by other types of stories like cartoons, books, films, tv shows etc etc etc

If you think about it everything is a story, your life, how you met your friends, how you ended up working where you do, your first kiss, your first love. The only thing that stops all stories being great is who happens to be telling them, after all we can’t all be a Shakespeare or a Byron. Everyday you will hear stories, from what someone did last night, to what their plans are for the weekend. Any question you ask of a personal nature is normally answered with a story, some true, some not so true. Some people write their stories down, others sing about them and some just tell them. But everybody has a story to tell.

As for me I put most things into poems, on here already there is the story of a little sisters 21st, my view of the city I love, a recurring dream and a thank you to the people I choose as my family. The fact that people are on here reading them is enough to tell me that no matter what the story people want to hear it. You might not like every story you hear, you may never repeat half of the stories you are told, but even in that there is a story as to why.