When I first started this I decided on the following. First, I would not share it with my friends only strangers. Second, I would keep it for a month and then shut it down. Well both of those things have now been broken (though not completely). Some of My friends now know I am doing this, though to be fair only the ones I would let read what I write anyway. And as is probably obvious I have yet to shut this down. In fact I seem to be contributing on a more regular basis than I ever would have thought.

I guess I like knowing that people are reading what I write and that in some cases they come back to read more. Some have even left comments, not having ever been good with compliments I honestly did not expect that and was completely unsure how to respond. So I think for now at least I will keep this going, if nothing else it has made me think about new (or to be accurate old) things to write about. Some have made it up on here and others will most likely never see the light of day, but as usual I have enjoyed writing them all.

It has also been a real eye opener. Having never read a blog before I am now following a few and find myself actually looking forward to anything new that gets posted. Some of what I have read has reminded me of my own past and some has been completely new to me, be it poetry, the description of a real life bucket list or just someone writing about their day. If I wasn’t on a dedicated blog site I would definitely be telling those who hadn’t read a blog before that they should at least explore what there is to be found.

Anyway………… Family guy is on in the back ground and that can be really hard to ignore s I aint even gonna try