Evening all (or maybe just me re-reading).

I was thinking today that I would put something different up for a change. Maybe a political commentary on just why Independence for Scotland is such a shockingly bad idea, my thoughts on the race row currently engulfing football, a review of whatever film I recently saw. The list of possibilities is endless. So what did I decide on I hear you cry……

Well to be honest I don’t know. while I do believe Scottish independence is nothing but a bad joke, President Salmond is one scary thought. Terry gate or the race row in football is an important issue, not just for its implications in football but also the sad truth that it seems we are no more enlightened than the generations gone before us. Prometheus was a poor attempt at what should have been an amazing film, better than the original Alien but nowhere near the same level as Aliens. None of these things strike me as something interesting enough to hold your attention or to be more accurate you are probably sick of hearing about them as (bar my bashing prometheus) they have been all over the news for weeks.

Funny so far I have managed to take 2 (soon to be 3) paragraphs to say very little. If you are still with me well done you and also why? What is it about us that makes reading what other people write about so interesting, even when what they are writing about is nothing. Is reading a blog just another form of reality entertainment, the literal version of Big Brother (god I hope not). Do we get a kick out of reading someone else’s thoughts or having our thoughts read or is it just a bit of fun and as much of a hobby as golf or football?

OK I think that is enough random gibbering for now…………….