A blank page so clean and white
No marks or words within sight
A place to put the world to rights
A single sheet with which to fight
Life’s daily grind and lack of caring
Laid bare for now to those worth sharing
My thoughts and dreams flow out from here
and fill a world I hold so dear
On this page I can be me
The one that others rarely see
Not confused or lost but not quite found
A place in-between where thoughts abound
Of things long past and a future not seen
Where I will go and who I have been
The story now told and yet still not finished
Is the one of my life a few years diminished
What made me me Is now gone with time
Yet things to come will still mould my mind
Years down the line I will still be me
But will I recognise the man I now see
No one can know and no one can say
so all that matters is who i am today
this page now filled
words cover its surface
one more blank page that has fulfilled its purpose