A place that holds so many ghosts

From times long past ring out silent toasts

At every turn a memory springs unbidden to my mind

To test my resolve and the peace I have yet to find

Dark streets I can walk without the need of sight

All walked before hence the reason for flight

A building passed thats no longer there

For a moment in time I stop and stare

At things that happened within those walls

The joy and laughter that helped us all

An end brought on by life’s cruel hand

A closing song played by a nameless band

The decision to stay or the option to go

Neither would change the city’s endless flow

Of memories formed and friendships forged

All these things within my city’s walls

A love I hold I know I always will

But for now at least I have had my fill

A homing beacon it will always be buried in my heart

Everytime guiding me home after each new start